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Why You Cant Ignore Local SEO Today

Affordable SEO LLC: Local SEO Services blog article

When Google ranks your website, it will include your local proximity as part of its algorithm. That means if a user searches for Italian restaurants at home, they will get results near their home. It's also important to remember that local intent is present in over half of all Google queries. And 97% of Google users have used local search in the past. And with the rise of mobile devices, local SEO has become even more critical.

Meta information

If you want to rank well in local SEO, you need to optimize your website. This involves making sure that your title tag and meta description include relevant local keywords and information about your business. Adding a business listing to different sites online is also important. Yelp is a great example, but there are literally hundreds of listing websites available. Adding your business listing will help your website gain traction with local consumers and help you convert them into paying customers.

If you don't want to pay for an SEO tool or a monthly subscription, use a free spreadsheet to track your competition. An excel spreadsheet can be extremely useful for tracking competition and can be downloaded from Google for free. With the right software, you can also identify your target audience's perfect buying journey. This can vary depending on the industry and market. You can use these results to customize your meta descriptions. Another great tool is the SEO Quake Google Chrome extension, which exports SERPs to a spreadsheet. You can use the spreadsheet to track your competition and tailor your meta descriptions.

Google My Business

If you're a service business without a physical address, you can still benefit from Google My Business and Local SEO. Verification typically takes a week, but you can get started sooner if you've already set up a business profile. After completing the profile, you can add more details, like hours of operation, business messaging options, photos, and a description. Once verified, your business will appear on Google and start ranking for local search queries.

In order to gain traction on Google, you'll need to ensure that your Google My Business listing is updated regularly. The most important thing you can do is make sure your business is up to date. If you've made updates to your business profile recently, make sure you use the "update" option. You'll want to keep your listing updated with the latest information so that it's easy for potential customers to contact you. You can change your address, phone number, and website information, but it won't take effect right away.


In addition to backlinks, reviews are a key part of local SEO. They can help your business appear higher in local search results, influence how many people click on your listing, and create a more positive reputation. A review can be as brief as one sentence, or as detailed as several paragraphs. Google considers reviews a critical part of local SEO and has made it clear that it can affect your search results. In this article, we'll discuss why reviews matter for local SEO and how they can help your business.

Online reviews have many benefits. First, they provide social proof and improve trust signals for users. Second, they increase the chance of a new customer making a purchase. Last, they can boost your business's bottom line. In addition to boosting local SEO, reviews can improve your business's bottom line by influencing search engine rankings. Finally, online reviews are a great way to build customer loyalty. Therefore, your business should invest in online reviews.

Voice search

If you're looking to boost your local search engine rankings, voice search is an area that should be addressed. Voice searches are popular with teenagers, and you should optimize your business website for them. In fact, 20% of voice search users use this method to search for local businesses. This is because voice search queries do not use long-tail keywords and the majority of voice queries are focused on finding a local business or service. And as the technology is improving, you should adapt your website to cater to the needs of this growing group of consumers.

When optimizing your business listing for voice searches, you should consider using both traditional and long-tail keywords. This will ensure that local customers can find your business information. Additionally, you should aim for "long-tail" keywords, which are less competitive than popular keywords, and consist of at least three words. Long-tail keywords are just as effective as conventional search terms, as they are more specific. To be ranked higher for long-tail keywords, you should ensure that your content targets this type of search.

Paying for ads in local search

Local search advertising is an excellent way to increase traffic and brand awareness. Local search ads are located right above the text ads and are labeled as "Google Guaranteed." These ads are seen by users when searching for a local business, and they can steal valuable traffic from your competitors. The first thing people will see when they search for your business is a local search ad. But local search ads are not free. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your local search advertising campaign.

Choose the right location categories. Using a scattershot approach is a bad idea because your competitors are likely to personalize and adapt their ads. Choose categories based on your business goals and consumer behavior. For example, a car dealership would be more relevant to local search results than an auto repair shop. Finance businesses, on the other hand, would focus more on a specific DMA, while Auto and energy businesses should focus on Zip Codes.