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    How to Improve Your Putting and Avoid the Yips

    Strobe Sport`s latest blog post Golfers who are suffering from the dreaded yips will want to read this article. It covers the topics of changing your putting grip, Arm-lock putting, Pendulum motion, and focusing on the target. All of these tips are proven to help you avoid the yips. Try them out and see if they help. If you are still suffering from the yips, don't despair, as there are many more ways to improve your game. Changing putting grip Changing your putter grip is one way to eliminate the yips. The yips are caused by repetitive motions and can be overcome with a new grip or set-up. The most…

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    What is Stroboscopic Training?

    Stroboscopic Training is a practice that utilizes specialized strobe sports eyewear to create more realistic images and improve athletic performance in difficult environments. Athletes use these glasses to perform fielding and hitting drills in the dark. Since they cannot see clearly in the dark, these glasses produce more realistic images. The method also helps athletes improve their reaction time and motor skill. If you are interested in gaining the benefits of stroboscopic training, read on to learn more about how it works. This type of visual training involves exposing a subject to intermittent views of the environment. The results of these studies have been shown to improve attentional abilities, peripheral…