What are sexy escorts?

Sexy escorts appeal to the senses of their customers. Sexy escorts are usually associated with how attractive they are. But sexiness is also subjective. Sexy escorts are not necessarily the most attractive female companions. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. Any sensations that makes a client have an elevated pulse, perspiration or sexual arousal means there is something about the escort that he finds sexy. An escort can have sex appeal without being the prettiest facially. 

There is often a correlation with sexy escorts and how much they earn. Having designer clothes, well presented and having a gym body costs a sexy escort money. These sexy escorts are considered to be high class because of how much they spend on their appearance. 

There are many non-sexual things that makes an escort sexy! Confidence is a very sexy quality in an escort. Escorts can have a sexy voice or accent. She can have a sensual white smile. A particular scent or perfume. The way she walks or dances and catches your attention. It can be her sense of humour or the way she laughs. It may be her intelligence that makes an escort sexy. It can be the way she bites or licks her lips that a client finds sexy. An escort can be sexy because of the way she looks at people; through her long eye lashes or occasionally turns away shyly as they talk. You may not be specifically able to say why an escort is sexy, but there’s a sexy aura about her.  

Latinas are in general considered to be the sexiest escorts. They have prominent unique features which make them facially attractive females. As well as large breasts, slim toned bodies, tanned skin and firm bums. They wear nice clothes to suit their curves. They are the sexiest dancers! They are always well presented and dress to impress, despite their personal finances. Clients say that Latinas are very feminine which is a huge turn-on. And this also makes them feel more masculine. The passion that a Latina escort possesses is sexy! They way Latinas love to nurture and take care of their clients’ needs is sexy. 

Escorts who are not sexy are those that gossip. Escorts who talk negatively about others. Sexy escorts smile; not the duck face. Escorts who smell unpleasant. No one finds an escort who has a bad attitude as, a sexy female companion.