Attention seeking Birmingham escorts

Attention seeking escorts take pleasure in lying. Every escort has to lie to some degree, to hide their identities. In essence, escorts are professional liars. But this is accepted when they use a false name. Or when they make conversation about themselves to clients but hide the truth. Escorts are actresses, they take on an alter ego when they are working. There are also some escorts who lie about their age, usually to make themselves younger. If the escort looks younger, then she can get away with this lie. It’s a little white lie, that hurts no body. Realistically, an escorts work is to provide a temporary fantasy for their clients. 

But unfortunately, there are escorts who are excessive attention seekers and have an addiction for drama. Attention seeking escorts tell lies even when they don’t have to! These escorts are compulsive or psychopathic liars. These escorts will sink to devious levels just to get attention. And it doesn’t matter whether they receive good or bad attention. They are always causing trouble for others. But then they are very good at playing the victim. 

Why are some escorts “attention seekers?”. Attention seeking is not a character flaw. It is a brain wiring response to early developmental trauma caused by neglect. They get others to feel sorry for them. Receiving positive or negative attention makes these escorts feel important. They may feel wanted and important because of the attention that they receive. Attention seeking escorts are mistresses of deception. They lie and lie and do not think of the consequences. Making up lies about others and they do not think or care about the repercussions on others. They lie to maliciously damage the character of others. They play dangerous games! This can be a blatant lie about something the client did to them. They can spread malicious rumors about other escorts. Or they can tell lies about the escort agency who represents them, to other girls and clients.  

Most of the time it is best to ignore these attention seeking escorts. Even by pointing out that they have lied, they deny it. By being assertive, they lie that you are being aggressive, you don’t care about them or you are being controlling. When it becomes obvious to an escort agency that they have an attention seeking escort, they always cease to advertise her. Unfortunately, with these escorts who crave attention, they won’t stop until they have destroyed someone’s reputation. Or until the police have arrested someone on false charges.  

According to escort agencies there are common lies that attention seeking escorts tell if they don’t want to work. Rather than saying they are not working today, they will make up dramatic lies; I’m in hospital, my child has died, my dad´s had a heart attack.  

“We had one attention seeking escort who´s granny had died 5 times!”- escort agency 

“We had a girl who messaged to say her house had burnt down with her family inside. One of our receptionists drove past her house on the way to the office. The escort was sat in her garden smoking a fag!” – escort agency owner  

“Some of the lies that escort tell really worries us. They are dangerous lies. They have the potential to get someone arrested. Because they play the victim, the police believe them!” – a non-attention seeking escort